Four shocking colors from the 90's that you'll want in your home right now – Emily Henderson

Hold on to your Dr. Martens, put Oasis on repeat, and grab your flip phone folks. The 90’s have taken hold of fashion (socks with birkenstocks, anyone?), and it’s leaking pretty quickly into the home and some of it is looking really good. Fashion leads color trends, we all know that. But, sometimes they hit and sometimes they don’t (Marsala-gate, 2015, which we tried ourselves here.. cough cough tablecloth). Usually it takes at least a season if not a year for it to catch up in the home realm and sometimes they never do (Radiant Orchid which was a pretty annoying looking purple). This year I’m going to be writing a lot more on these trends and how to actually use them in the home in a more timeless way.

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