13 Living Room Design Trends for 2016 and How We Feel About Them – Emily Henderson

This year, 2016, is already setting itself up to be a year of good and awkward trends. Much like what is “in” in the fashion world, 1/2 of it’s hideous, 1/2 of it’s beautiful, and 1/2 of it only some people can pull off. Here’s what is trending now in the design world, and how I feel about it.

Chunky Low Furniture – A modern 1970’s interpretation. Here’s what happened: The 1950’s and 60’s were full of straight, streamlined and less loung-ey furniture, so the 70’s and 80’s had something to say about it, and thus entered in the boxy, round-y, low-ass sofas. The cycle repeated itself in the 90’s, 00’s, and now we are back to that. That’s not to say that mid-century is out, it never will be, but these chunky big sofas are in, too. And we’re into it. They are just begging for someone to sink in and crawl into a netflix-hole.

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